Backup and Restore

We have included a quick and simple way to backup and restore your Places profiles. To do this click File > Backup and save your backup to a location you will remember. Only you will know where that file is if you are unsure of its location you may try searching your computer for your .plc file.

To Restore your profiles to a previous backup go to File > Restore from Backup… and navigate to your .plc backup file location.

Figure 1: Restore Places (.plc) Database file


Our culture is changing and office no longer means a room where you keep your bobble head collection. It is now defined as any place you happen to be working and you need access to your files 24/7. Keep Places on a USB drive and carry it with you. There is no easier or more productive way to manage your places than ever before. Under the File menu, you will see an option called Make Portable. This will copy the application and profiles to the selected location.

Figure 2: Make Portable Option (From File Menu)

You can also use the installer to install the program onto any storage device. Simply run the installer again and select the Standalone option and choose where you wish to copy the Places application to. When using this option, nothing is installed. You will have a complete standalone copy of Places that can be run from any location.

Figure 3: Make Portable Option (on Install)

Compressing files

With our built-in file compression utility, you can store all your files in one single archive. The perfect way to keep a backup of all important stuff. Using .zip, .tar, .gzip and .7z with optional password protection, your data is safe and secure. To compress your files, select them from the Local Folder side and then click the Zip Selected Files button.

Figure 4: Add Files to Archive

Archiving remote files

Creating an archive only works from a Local Folder. To archive files located on a remote place, you must first download the files to archive them and then upload the compressed file.