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More and more, browsers extend their limitations on java, active x, and flash items, spoiling some great sites. This also means that webbuilders should not use such features, risking spoiling their sites or put in alternatives.

Myself started using animated gif's instead of flash where possible..
In the early day's animated gif's made the webpages heavy and slow considering that most users still used ordinary modems. These days this is not ofte the case anymore, so using animated gif's could be a alternative in some cases.

I wander how other webbuilders handle the issue of limited browser compatibility with scrips, java, flash and others
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I understand where you are coming from. Using these formats on sites, especially when browsers are implementing standards to stop them by default, can be a real issue for those who create web pages.

Using Flash etc can make your site look so wonderful, a script can offer a huge benefit to a sites functionalilty.

I have seen more and more people turning off secuirty features on their browsers to enable these functions to work by default - does this cause a real secuirty issue? Perhaps we are all being over cautious here. Is this where CC can step in and create software that does not impinge on these security issue.

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You are right, I myself just enable about any feature of explorer but most users do not know how to do this and many features with Microsoft Explorer are turned off by default. They even have excluded java from Windows XP because they thought java would be unsafe. I know that it is not Java which is unsafe but Windows XP and I believe microsoft is just covering up their own security gaps.

A bit like Microsoft reducing the speedlimit because it would be safer, knowing the wheels will come off with speeds over 40Mph.

A pity, the purpose of any website is to provide information in a way which users would like, it is simply not done when users would hhave to enable certain options within theri browser or download software like java in order to see your site.
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