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I have two questions:

1. I have been paying for S-Drive several months now, but I do not know if I am using it. Well, let say, I do not know what it is. Will you please explain to me what S-Drive does for me?
2. I still have my CoffeCup Visual Site Designer, which is outdated. Will you tell me why I should buy Responsive Site Designer, and why not just upgrade from Visual Site Designer to the Responsive Site Designer? If I were to have bought the Responsive Site Designer, will it be easier for me to publish it to my old website and overwrite it?
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https://www.coffeecup.com/sdrive/ will help you on first one. Never used the other app but like RSD a lot.
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RSD is for building your site. RSD is a completely new program, with nothing in common to the old VSD – so it couldn't be just an upgrade to VSD. Unlike VSD, RSD uses up-to-date coding conventions to create responsive site designs. VSD was incapable of this and so had to be retired. It's not a good option for building a site in 2016.

RSD will give you the tools to get a modern, responsive design in place, plus, you can upload easily to SDrive (just like with VSD).
SDrive is for hosting your site and forms, plus additional storage for photos, galleries, documents. Unlike typical hosting, which requires FTP, for SDrive, you simply login. With integrated programs (like RSD, FormBuilder...), you can click Publish from within those programs and you're done. Very easy.

Why don't you give the free trial of RSD a go? Plus, you can get a free SDrive space to see if you like it. ;)
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