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I am working on a website and have a graphic that I wanted to place directly below my DHTML menu. I placed the menu and the graphic in my "nav" div, and they swapped places. I used relative positioning spans to put them where I wanted them. Then I added the site items that were lower on the page. When I put the "completed" page on the site, everything needed positioning. After some time playing with positioning, I gave up and removed all positioning statements. WOW, everything was where I wanted it except for the menu and that one graphic. All this has been viewed using Firefox.

I started IE7, and viewed the page. Again, everything was where I wanted it except for the graphic. The menu loads after the graphic, and is where I want it, but the graphic is hidden under the graphic.

I am wary of trying positioning again, since it seems to affect the remainder of the page. I was using positioning statements of -500px to get things where they belonged.

The page link is http://www.firstbaptistgoosecreek.com/test/children.php

Any help and direction will be appreciated.

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