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I tried to modify the content on Files/Templates/Company3/Indexhtml and it was no problem for the three font tags in the html. That was all good and editable. But the font tags were only things I could edit of all the html. How do you change the words inside the buttons, I don't even see the words in the buttons spelled in the html anywhere.I am using the html editor but I also tried the Visual Editor within the html editor software, but it did the same thing as the html editor. It would only edit the font tags. There is no help for using the templates in coffe cup, so why are the templates there? There must be a way to do it, I just don't have a clue. Can someone give me some advise, I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey. If you go to coffe cup FILES/TEMPLATES/COMPANY3/INDEXHTML you will get to the template I'm trying to work on. I would like to know how to change a few of the text in the buttons, and change the two photgraphs to different ones. Mayby some on could make these changes(with whatever button text and whatever pictures just so I can se what html to use and where to use it. I was hoping you could copy and paste the html changes in a reply to this message. Thanks so much, whoever it is that might assest me with this issue.
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Html Editor requires and imaging program of some sort to edit the buttons, the buttons you metioned are "m13" and "m15-m19" in the template folder.
if you have photoshop it's possible to edit these to your needs, or remove them and replace the html code to fit your own buttons.
VSD is a totally different program than Html Editor and has it's own templates which can be edited in VSD only .Hope I explained it right.

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You explained that very well Bruce. The "buttons" are actually .gif images, so an image editor would be needed. The text on the button is not created with html in this case, so it can not be edited with any text editor, including CoffeeCup.
The templates are a great starting point, and they look nice too, but it would be truly difficult to create all of that nice looking template with only HTML.
E-Learning Specialist is my website, and yes, some of it is crappy.

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