Any one using PowWeb?

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I am having problems with my site . My host is PoWeb who have said there are problems at their end at the moment. I would like to hear from anyone else who is using PowWeb to let me know how you are getting on so that I can rule out eror on my part.

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Hi there. Did you mean to say PowWeb has problems at their end or "no" problems at their end? I haven't used them, but if you could give a little more detail as to what exactly the problem is and with which program, maybe someone can give some ideas. Unfortunately, PowWob's Knowledge Base used to contain help specifically for setting up to connect with CoffeeCup software. Seems that no longer exists. If you're having connection issues, try the Passive Mode in the Server settings if you haven't already. That fixed one person's issue w/ PowWeb in an old post. However, since you have some CoffeeCup projects already uploaded on your site, I'm assuming the issue you're currently having hasn't always been the case. So, if you haven't changed anything on your end, perhaps it is on their end. This goes back to the original question, though, whether or not they said there are or aren't issues at the moment.
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PowWeb has problems at their end.

I am no whizz kid and someone I know set the site up for me, all I do is add to the Gallery's and do basic editing in Dreamweaver, so quirks and all that stuff go over my head. I have a basic understanding of html and when I say basic, its real basic.

My site works well in Safari but if I use Firefox and IE I get problems (other people get the same faults). If I click on Gallery from the main menu up pops the first gallery, then when I select another gallery from the menu that is now on the right I can go and make a cup of tea before it loads. It is only recently that I have encountered these problems.

I wondered is it POwWeb or is it me?

This is what PowWeb have said about their problems.

Notice from Powweb Servers

Recent Service Issues Over the weekend, PowWeb servers became the target of
a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks are malicious
attempts to interrupt Internet services by intentionally "flooding" and
overwhelming providers with bogus data. Once the volume of this data exceeds
an architecture's capacity, systems can no longer perform their tasks and
performance issues occur.

While our hosting platform is designed to withstand such attacks, many
customers experienced a service degradation, and in some cases, an
interruption in services altogether. Thank you for your patience while we
worked to minimize the impact of the attack and bring all services back to
normal as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are not uncommon, and Internet criminals are
constantly discovering new ways to disrupt services. Please be assured that
we are working with federal authorities to identify those responsible for
the attack and prevent any type of future disruption. If you'd like to learn
more, Google "DDoS attacks" or "DNS storms." As always, if you have
questions or concerns, please contact us .

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