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I purchased a copy of WAM for testing purposes. It does exactly what it advertises, however, I am fumbling around to find the best way to use the application.

What I would really prefer, is a user Login access similar to what Coffee Cup has. That is, instead of a user seeing a pop-up Windows message indictaing this is a restricted site, etc, they would see a custom Login form, possibly with other relevant text included.

Second, I already have a MySql database with the user's profile, which includes their User Name/Password, along with other profile information. The database is dynamic, in that a user can update their profile at any time. I would like to be able to 'link' (for lack of a better word) to the database to do a Login match, if possible, rather than having to import all the users over to WAM. Not a big deal to do it once, but it would be less desirable from an ongoing maintenance perspective.

Which is why I asked the question: Which Login/Password access system does Coffee Cup use? This would be a similar 'look' that I am trying to replicate, but I don't know how CC handles the process behind the scene. Can you share how you go about this?

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Our system is completely custom. It uses PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and other magic. ;)

You can find a few of these types of systems here at https://www.google.com/search?q=php+mys … p;ie=UTF-8
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You could use Web Form Builder to create a very nice looking login form. When the user submits the form, it creates a session that holds all the data submitted by the form. Using a little PHP, check the login credentials against your database. Unset the PHP session if the credentials are invalid.
See http://php.net/manual/en/function.session-unset.php

Each page then checks to see if a valid session is set. If not, it sends them back to login. If so, the page displays like normal.
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Thanks Brian and Scott for the replies.

I already own Web Form Builder, so that is what I plan to use form the Login screen. The form can then be part of a web page to make it look part of the overall website, which is a feature I was striving for. So, that covers one of my 'needs;.

I followed a couple of links Scott suggested, and I now have all the php stuff installed and working. Wasn't too hard, and actually works very well. So, Thanks for that.

Initially I was reluctant to use SESSION, as it requires each password-protected web page to have some additional code. I thought it might become unwieldy to go through every page of the Members section, but it probably is the best solution so far. I was hoping that SESSION could just 'protect' a complete Member subfolder, like WAM does, but apparently not. Win some, lose some!

Thanks again!
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You can protect a complete directory. Place an index file in the directory with the $_SESSION data on it.
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Good to know, Eric!

I give that a try.


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