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I'm using Website Access Manager to secure a site for a group who needs a lot of handholding. I set up the software to block the site, but they are concerned about the dropdown box that shows off of the username field. As I understand it this dropdown box and its contents are derived by the particular browser the user is using. But I need it to be gone because if these people are presented with a field containing options, even if given precise written instructions, their hands will become sweaty and their heart will palpitate and they will collapse into a puddle of nervous protoplasm.

I already asked this question directly to support but now I'm asking in hopes of generating new ideas to solve this problem because if I can't get it to work without narrowly channelling the users' passage through the gateway, then I can't use it. Can it be stripped off of the dialogue entirely? Can it be emptied so even if someone chooses it, there are no options? Can it be hidden from view? Can another field set in the midst of a Candyland like background transfer the information unerringly to the Access Manager's field to grant entry?

Any ideas to tweak this would be greatly appreciated.
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All that information is hard coded into the browser itself and there is no way to modify it. This is how htaccess interacts with the browser. For something like you need, would have to probably make the authentication work with a scripting technology like PHP, ASP or JavaScript. There is just no way to do this with htaccess.

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