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I got a large .htaccess file, managed by Website Access Manager. I have a user whose access has expired, and I want to log in to change the Expiration Date, but when I run WAM and double-click on the user, I get the error message "Error, account ID bad". I can't edit the user, I can't delete the user. Trying to work with the menu items gives me the same result. I tried to create a new user, but it complained when I tried to use the same old username & password. So, I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Can I / should I find & delete the .htaccess and/or .htpassword files? If I do, will the data in WAM be lost (there are hundreds of entries -- I don't want to reenter them by hand).

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Sorry, you are having those problems, Jon. Open a support ticket and send us your hdb file and we might be able to fix that. A quick fix for right now is to edit the .htpasswd and .htacecss file on your server. That will repair the issue.

You can open a support ticket here at

Please note that according to your account, you are using a much older version of the software, and there has been an update for WAM 4.0 in your account since 2013 that you never downloaded. Also, version 5.0 is the most current version so you may want to consider purchasing the latest software so that you have all the fixes and new features/functionality.
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