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Is it possible to prevent code injection (i.e. <> characters, quotation marks, semicolons, etc) to prevent malicious users from running php commands and/or sql commands into the fields during the process of data entry in the text fields? thanks.
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Hiya working At This,

I just removed the previous post you made in this thread of the exact words. There's no need to repeat your posts, this thread is one that the devs usually watch so once is enough and an answer is not always furnished so please don't think that just because there's no answer that it wasn't seen, it most likely was seen by the people that matter. Very good suggestion by the way, :)
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I was referring to the progress of file uploads, either as an individual file or as overall progress of multiple files.
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I see lots of discussions about Item Width, but what about Form Width? If the maximum Form width is 960 pixels, I must ask why? I would like it to be able to go to 95% of the available page/screen space with the Item Width as pixels also.

Plus I would like to see it in phpNuke webpage instead of it being displayed as a new page. Granted, it will go back to my phpNuke home page, but I would rather be able to incorporate it as a "module" of phpNuke.
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I finally got some time to play with the new form builder and I am very impressed. I was even able to take the exported HTML and use javascript to add some conditions that my old WebForm (Flash) form sorely needed. :cool:

I have been researching and can't find a good way to do it myself, but I would love to see a feature added that would add a virtual contact attachment to my form results e-mail with the form's contents. That would save me a huge step of taking all the info from the form and then getting it into Outlook.
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A means of generating an Order Number would be great !

Seriously- forms are used, in many cases, to fill orders. Lets develop a way to generate a chronologically ascending order number. Shouldn't be terribly difficult.

Since S-Drive 'houses the form' anyway... maybe each form could also have a small attached file that contains a number to reference. Upon each new form submit that number could be referenced and updated/resaved with one instance higher in the file ?? Would this be that difficult ?

I'm sure there are a bunch of folks with some interest in this feature.
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I'm not sure if this has ever been brought up, but when validating fields (in particular, phone numbers), is there a possibility we could get elements to actually reformat (and validate) rather than just validate?

As it stands, if a sender enters 7275551234, it errors because it's expecting 727-555-1234. It seems a simple matter to simply and courteously reformat the number correctly for the sender.

Thank you.
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Any easy way to edit the date picker?

I'm building a Property Booking Form and it would be very neat if it could incorporate availability status by
color coded date squares e.g. red booked - green available.

Could Calendar Builder plug in?


Rough Here -
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I am not sure if this has been addressed, but I would like to see the Date Picker Calendar Size match the size of the form. For example, I make a few forms that are 300px wide and use the date range side by side in a 50% layout. The problem that I am having is when I load it on the site and choose the date, about 25% of the calendar is hidden. I may be missing something, but is there a way to size the calendar to 300px? If not, I would like to see the calendar fit the size of the form.

Thanks! Looking forward to the new Web Form Builder updates! I hear they are coming "soon" ;)
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Scott Swedorski wrote:
So we looked into the radio button issue that would have a group without a selection, but this goes against the HTML specifications.

This is what w3c says about the radio buttons (

At all times, exactly one of the radio buttons in a set is checked. If none of the <INPUT> elements of a set of radio buttons specifies `CHECKED', then the user agent must check the first radio button of the set initially.

So not sure if this should be done, as the browser will select automatically the first input in the group (or is supposed to).

I take issue with this. Not with CC, but with the w3c. I'm presently designing a form with 3 different sets of radio buttons. I am worried that people filling out the form will gloss over the radio buttons accidentally and the default will be used when it is not intended.

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