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I wanted to "Save to a Text File" so I checked the box. And I see the file in the storage > csv but when I download and open the file there is nothing there? Help Please
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Sounds like a permission issue. Is the byte size of the file 0? If so, change the permissions of the storage folder to 777 and submit a test through your form and see if that fixes it.
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I want to save my web form builder results to a text file. It says that it will automatically save the form to a csv file on my server, but I want to save it on my wife's server and in her directory instead. Can I do this?

Plus, how does web form builder know my server details when it says that it automatically saves the text file on my server?

Thank you.
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When you upload the form, it creates a folder 'storage' where csv and other coduments can be saved. So that was the answer to your second question.

Regarding the first question, I don't think that storage folder can be created anywhere else than to the domain the form has been uploaded to. One solution might be to have the form hosted on your wife's server.
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You can alter the location of the storage area after export. I'm sure I helped a previous user on the same request.
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