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Hi all,

Apologies originally posted in wrong forum :rolleyes:
I am wanting to use a Form Builder created form to provide a booking enquiry form for our users.

The issue I have is that I am not a programmer so am unsure as how to produce the code needed to make this work.

I have a php page called business-detail.php the contents of which are populated from records within an sql database.

The page displays details of a business selected from a menu. I can include my form builder form on this page using the fb code provided however when the form is processed it will always be delivered to the email address specified in the "To" element in the notifications section of FB.

What I want to be able to do is to have the form be sent to the email address output from the sql database for whichever record is loaded on the page.

The email address on the page business-detail.php is provided by the following code
<?php echo htmlencode($advertisersRecord['email_address']) ?>

Can anyone advise on how I can take that value and have it replace the email address from the "To" section which I assume is the one located within formcfg.php.

I assume that somehow I need to add a variable field to the html page called into the iframe that can replicate the value of <?php echo htmlencode($advertisersRecord['email_address']) ?> so that it is included within the form submission data and then amend the formcfg.php so that the the email address placed in form.cfg.php at "to" :" " (that was created when the form was generated by the FB software ) is replaced with some type of placeholder to use the new variable value .

Hope this makes sense, as i said I am not a programmer so as you can imagine I dont know how to go about coding for the above so any help that anyone can give would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help provided
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I understand what you are saying. There are a couple of things you will need to do. Rename your form builder form extension from form.html to form.php. This will allow you to use php on your form. You can pass the variable in the iframe URL.
<iframe src="form.php?x=1234"...

You can then work with the variable using php in your form. Please note, there are some possible security concerns. Don't pass the actual email address. Don't use the passed variable directly in the form without checking it for hacks.
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Hi Brian,
Thanks for your help, can I just check that I understand you correctly.

If the variable in the sql record is "client-email" and i set up a variable in the wfb form called "send-to" i just need to call the form in to the iframe as form.php?send-to=client-email then replace the to email address in the formcfg.php with [ send-to]

Have I understood that correctly?

Thanks again for your help.


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