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I need help from some expert somewhere please
It is likely not a WFB or CC problem, but I ran out of resources. (aka my mind is a blank at this stage)

I developed a page for a client in SDv3 It also contains a WFB form. On my own server (apache) and two others servers I tested it on since, it works perfectly.
On the server of my client (also apache) the form width changes from the 1000px it is supposed to be, to about 350px. The rest of the page is perfect.
I attach a screenshot
Any ideas on where I can do what to fix this little irritation?
Many thanks in advance for any help I can get.

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Now I have heard it all.
At last I managed to get an answer from the hosting company of the server where the form malfunctions.
Apparently, the problem is that the WFB code is "not secure enough to work properly" on their servers.

So I am left with a choice:
- Get some expert advice on how to fix the problem (please anyone out there!)
- Convince my client to switch hosting providers (not going to be easy)
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Sounds a weird problem. I think you'd better contact CC support and also tell them which server it is that your client is using.
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