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So, I've made a simple contact form ( on a GoDaddy-hosted site.

I uploaded, as instructed, the HTML page and the file/directory specified by WFB. The form acts like it works, but I do not receive any form submissions.

(Did some research, and made sure not to use a “From:” header entry of aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, aim, or msn, as noted at

I also tried the suggestion at and modified (and uploaded) 'coffeeform.php' ... still no joy.

I also checked the option in Web Form Builder to "save the form data to a CSV file on [GoDaddy's] server," but I don't see the file I specified. Where would it be created? (I even changed the permissions of the /contact_form/ subdir to 775, just in case.)

So, any suggestions on what to try next? It's just a simple contact form; if I can't make this go, the whole e-commerce idea goes bye-bye with it. GoDaddy is turning out to be a headache. If you can't believe the hot GoDaddy chicks in their commercials, what's the world coming to?
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I filled out the form and I got the auto-reply, so that works. I would suggest getting a Gmail account and send your forms there. If that works, then you know the issue is with Godaddy.
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Okay, it all works. I am receiving the form submissions but they're being filtered upon arrival to a folder.

So WFB works on GoDaddy - at least until GoDaddy changes stuff again.

Oh, and for the benefit of others who may not know: the CSV file containing the form submissions is created in /contact_form/storage/csv/ . If you want to send submissions to a MySQL database, you'll first need to go to your Hosting Dashboard and set up the database there.

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