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Hi Liza and welcome to the CoffeeCup forums.

I did have a look at your other posts in this forum. Your posted information seems to be unrelated to any software that Coffeecup produces. Your posts often refer to other software solutions outside of CoffeeCup and might get missread as 'Spam'.
If you have any questions about CoffeeCup softare or web design in general, the forum is a great place to post those questions and to receive help on CoffeeCup topics.
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I should have read this thread first. I completely took her posts as spam, just excuses to get the link in her sig displayed.
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I am taking the "soft handed" approach to all the spammers. I 'think' the posts will get cleaned up soon. I find that a simple 'warning' usually stops them from posting. If they are honest about their reasons for posting they will usually reply soon enough. If not....bye bye la!
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www.mainsites.ca is my website, and yes, some of it is crappy.
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I just joined the forums. I can't see how to post a new post (start a thread) - can you help?

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As long as you are a 'guest' there are only a few groups open to you, among them the very first one, the 'Welcome' group. If you buy a programme, you will become a 'registered user', and then you can post in all the groups.
There was a time when all the groups were open to everyone, but we got so much spam that it was necessary to limit the access.
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