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Hi all,

I bought the full package around June 2007. Since then there have been various upgrades and I've noticed a problem with naming conventions, installation locations and version numbering within the About box.

I emailed a very long description of every problem with the many different applications to the Support people (took about 3 hrs to put together). I kind of got the brush off which was a bit disappointing (don't call us we'll call you - kind of thing). Anyhow, with the Jan2008 updates the same thing as happened. Specifically,

CoffeeFormBuilder70R which is described as New and dated 01-24-2008.
On downloading I discover I already have CoffeeFormBuilder70R but this one was downloaded by me on 09-28-2007 with size of 8697kb.

Were it not for the previous unhappy experience with CC naming problems I might have assumed I didn't need the 'new' download but I'm wiser now so I named it FormBuilder70Rv2 - and no surpise it is 9590kB.

Prior to installation my September version describes itself in the About Box as Coffee Cup Flash Form Builder 7.2. On installation of the 'new' 70R the software is still v7.2.

I suspect in this case that the additional files have been updated and so the s/w hasn't changed but the installation has....
Web Calendar appears to have a similar problem.

Note also that often the new installations put the software in different sub folders or back up into the main Coffee Cup Program Files. This makes finding things that bit trickier (and may lead to old versions lying around). It would also be nice if the filename and About box version matched - 70R should be 72R in this case.

Does anyone else have problems with this? I think it is a big issue as there are 30 odd applications to keep track of and it shouldn't have this hassle factor (and I have them all on both Desktop and Notebook).
I have found dozens of similar inconsistencies in the past.

Note I am a Software Engineer in the Defence Industry - if we delivered an update where even one bitmap was updated but gave the installation the same filename/version we wouldn't get past QA and if the customer got it there would be serious trouble.

Do you have the latest applications installed? And are you running them or an old version? Are you sure?
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CoffeeCup is in fact addressing this issue. If you have checked out the pre-release HTML editor, you may notice that it now includes a build number in the about screen. This is a good way to know if you have the latest. My HTML editor 2008 is build 223.

They have also started working on getting their programs installed to eliminate the program navigation. Now, I click on Start, mouse to programs, then mouse to CoffeeCup Software, then click on the program I want to use. With the older programs, there is still the need to navigate through an additional menu.

They are also working on standardizing the installation directory. For this reason, it is a good idea to uninstall a program before installing the new version.

These are some of the improvements I have noticed of the past several months.
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Thanks Bill sounds promising - perhaps my previous efforts weren't ignored.

I did notice that one of the updates used a different installer bit...something. This uninstalled the old application first. Much better. I'm a stickler for things like this as there are so many great open source applications now that it can be hard to justify - shock - paying for software! CC make keeping up-to-date a real chore. Ideally, it should all just happen automagically as many applications do these days.


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