Sitemapper scheduler nightmare

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Ok, so I got the sitemapper installed on Windows Server 2k3 R2, and scheduled the update to happen every week. Noticed it wasn't happening. Opened support ticket. Was told that doesn't support 2k3. Only XP SP3 and Ok. So I ran it on win 7. Tried again. Didn't work. Found out it works for daily. Just not working for weekly. Asked if it had anything to do with 'locking' computer, or it being in sleep mode. Didn't get a response. Asked if there was a command line I could run that would do the same thing as scheduler, so I could just create a windows task. Told yes, that is how it is done. NOT told what the command line was. Told that the support person wasn't a programmer, and I should look here, or on yahoo? huh? Its a command line. Not a programming language.
Here is an example of what I thought the command MIGHT look like.
sitemapper.exe -file mymap.csm -update -save -commit servername
Is this possible?
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There are no command line switches that you can use at this time. What we use now is hard-coded into the .exe.
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