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Google reports this problem with the site map generated by the new Site Mapper:
Line: 2
Status: Invalid XML attribute. The XML attribute of this tag was not recognized. Please fix it and resubmit.
Tag: urlset
Attribute: url
Found: June 6. 2008

Here's line 2 in sitemap.xml:
<urlset xmlns:xsi=""

Apparently Google doesn't like the url tag and won't process the sitemap unless it is fixed. In addition, line 2 is totally different than the last version of Site Mapper.

What should be done here?
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Why has no-one replied to this topic yet? (CoffeeCup)

I had the same problem so copied the old header block from the previous version and replaced the new with the old. It seems the only thing different with sitemap.xml in the new version is this block of header data.

Accepted by Google this time.

Heres the old stuff.....

<urlset xmlns=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" … ">
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I have the same problem, it would be nice if coffeecup, gives a solution
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It has been fixed. Download the latest version which is OK. Unfortunately Coffee Cup dont seem to want to tell anyone about it!

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