How to Structure a Nice Sitemap?

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I am wondering if it's possible to take the Sitemap that Sitemapper creates for you and rearrange the links to have a better structure. Now granted, I realize it's "possible" as in moving the code around etc., but my main reason for asking is, what happens when you update it then?

Right now my sitemap is one big long list of links without much of any structure. I'd like to take it and put the products under their respective categories and such so it actually has a little structure to it, but I sure don't want to go through all that if I have to do it all over every time I update it. Anyone have any ideas on this?
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Wolverana wrote:
...Right now my sitemap is one big long list of links without much of any structure...

I have also been surprised to see the almost totally flat structure of the site maps generated by the latest version of the Site Mapper. My site has a link structure consisting of three distinct levels, but this is not reflected in the map.
Those HTML pages of mine that happen to reside in the root directory on the server are shown in the same (first-) level of the site map regardless of their respective position in the 'true' link structure. Several of these pages are uniquely linked from only one of the 'main' pages, but are still shown on the same 'level'. The previous version of the Mapper was somewhat different in this regard. The only pages shown in the second (and last -) level happen to be residing in a subdirectory on the server. Should this really make a difference?
I may have had the wrong expectations about what the map is supposed to show, so I would be interested in hearing from others about their experience and views on this.
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Yeah I guess that's what I'm wondering too Per, the css file includes things for different levels yet my sitemap is 2 levels. Main categories all listed together and then all products together, seems that should have a tier setup there for each category and I dont' mind working it out myself as I don't "think" it will be a lot of work to do it manually as I think once I get a setup for it I can just copy and paste the <li>links</li> from the real sitemap file into the correct locations. My main concern though is not to use a table which is supposedly a no no for SEO so I'd have to work on placement if I made more than one column, I would imagine div containers will work well.

Anyways, I guess I was assuming the program was going to do this, as well as having a few more themes to get an idea how to make them look nice too, but that will come in time too I'm sure. Theming I'm sure I can work out with a little time.

I do want to put this inside my own site theme though, which would mean some major changing of the css file (either the sitemap one or the main one to accomodate the sitemap) so it would mean a lot of changes that might have to be redone everytime I update the sitemap.

Just looking for the most useful and update friendly way to go about this :)

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