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What are the rules for names of the grid areas. I remember reading, but I can not recall where, that the prefix of "." must be written over. When one names an area, SD puts in a "." but one must write over that. Any other rules, regarding the names?

Is there a way to predict color or customize the colors? Names I pick, always happen to have the same color, or very similar color hues.
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I really dont worry about the colors...they just happen and makes no difference to me what they are.

As far a naming areas I like to keep it short and sweet. a1 a2 a3 a4....etc.

The reason is when you select the option to select by grid names you dont want to complicate things by having to remember names....for me I know the location in my mind by a grid reference of some sort.

I would also force yourself to use line based placement so you get good at it because you can then overlap items by setting them to relative and adjusting the z-index so they overlap. The fun really takes place when you have some named areas, and then combine line based placement over the top on different levels.

Take it one step further and create another grid container inside the first and set the second grid container to absolute.

Now you have another complete grid system on top of another. 3 D gridding....on different floors.

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