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Hello experts,

I am upgrading from RSD 1.5 to SD 3 (imported into SD 3 as Foundation) and have a newbie question.

Is there a way to delete a container from within the "Element Tree" or is it only possible from the "canvas"?

The reason I ask is that I find it hard to "grab/mark" some container on the canvas, to be able to delete them.

Looking forward to your input.

Nils, Sweden
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According to my experience, the best thing is deleting containers from the element tree. What you have to be aware of is, deleting a 'parent' container will also delete its 'children'. Therefore you need to move the containers you want to keep up above its parent. As an example, if you have the old setup with rows and columns and want to get rid of the row, grab the 'column-type' container and move it up above the 'row-type' one. When the 'row-type' container is empty, it can safely be deleted.
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Inger, Norway
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Hej Inger,

I have to admit that I did not try the obvious, how stupid of me :rolleyes:!

Instead I looked for an Empty-bin image as used in the "Selected Element Properties" or using the mouse with a right-click or something else.

However using the Delete-button or the Empty-bin in the "Selected Element Properties" made it disappear and I will now delete from the Elements Tree :).

Thanks for helping me taking of my blindfolds / Nils

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