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I would like to know if anyone has created a flat file blog from anything in sitedesigner.

To me the most critical and crucial element of being online is being able to simply
log in,
edit and
within a wysiwyg environment.

Without this facility in this day and age everything else seems Prehistoric. Pre 1995 anyway.

I've just looked at the simplicities of TYPESETTER and its inclusion of the WYSIWYG CKEditor. Historically FCKEditor incorporated into the now defunct (and superceded by Typesetter) PPPBlog system which was also a revolutionary FLATFILE BLOG system since 2003 to now.

To see a flatfile system from Typesetter that I've put together see this...
but I would SO rather get this done myself inside sitedesigner.

Am I looking at technological ability beyond sitedesigner?
Or am I looking at something sitedesigner cannot fully implement alone?

Many thanks.
Neil Armstrong.
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This is not a CMS site like wordpress. There may be some coding that can be added to it, but would need a third party tool. I believe some user have code that allow end user to do such a thing, but it is not native to this application. I wouldn't think its pre-historic. Just less hackable things.

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