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Carl wrote:

a suggestion for the next release ?

Make it possible to add navigation buttons/tabs to the menu so clients can easily leave the webshop and go to the website again.

Hiya Carl,

I agree that buttons should be addable to the menu for sure. In the mean time the easiest way to integrate your shop and website if you have separate entities is to go into your settings of your shop and have the Home page be linked to a URL and put your websites home page URL in there. Then just add a button to your website menu to go to the shop if you haven't already. This gives you a flawless system of the website actually being the main focus and home of the entire entity with the shop being a part of the website. Not perfect, but it does work pretty slick.
    1. Open Your Shop button at the top.
    2. Choose the Pages tab of that window that opens for Shop Settings.
    3. Last section is the Homepage (optional) section. Choose the "Link to" radio button and in that box put the full address of your home page to your website.
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Thanks Jo Ann, that's what I've already did. It works good like you said.

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Maybe another tip for a future release:

Make it possible to checkout without paying. In that case give us an email field where we can send the content of the cart to the client's emailaddress and a copy to ours. So infact we have already a "print cart" button and make an email button on checkout would be great. This is very usefull for clients who are buying 2 or 3 times a week using the shop. Those are trusted clients and we would like to send them an invoice at the end of the month instead of paying directly with a credit card or PayPal service.

Second tip:
If shipping, handling and taxes is empty, in that case remove those lines at the checkout please.
So instead of "Shipping & handling: 0,00", just remove the complete line.

Please consider this.

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A suggestion - adding to others but from a different perspective. I have been struggling to find software - freestanding or a module/plugin, where I could sell digital images. I ended up with a compromise workaround (integrated Joomla with Gallery, images packaged and sold using CoffeeCup Web Form) that works OK due to the nature of the images I sell - view and purchase by invitation only. All software I looked at works on the principle of there is a category, there is a product list, and then the item description. Shopping Cart Designer/Creator works along the same principles, I have used them and love them. It has a feature of 'catalogue style' which if I select, it turns off the payment option.

Believe me, there is a huge market out there because I just cannot find any software that allows me to do the following (there are some that do some of it but all have aspects that make them totally unworkable in some respect).

Software that does the following would be priceless, I could tell you what options would be but fundamentally it needs:
User experience:
Images shown under categories gallery style
"Add to Cart" with every image (no need size as a basic version and no quanitity needed)
View Cart
Continue shopping
Go to checkout - all images listed, include category and image title that could be just the image number, can remove
Pay now with (PayPal)
Order processed - as a basic version, I could do without a link to instant download.

My needs:
Bulk upload into category - as images would not be sold via download, only optimised size could be uploaded
Gallery layout (simple with Lightbox) normal variations as per row, column, thumb size
Easy integration with Cart especially if all images are the same price (option for price variation maybe based on category)

I think it is enough for starters.

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"Responsive Commerce Platform That Integrate With Existing Websites also with digital download functionality".

Remember...."it's all just block of code".

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where is the upsell feature ? doesnt ever shopping cart have an upsell?

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