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We created the CoffeeCup forums to give our users a place where they can chat, ask questions, receive support and make suggestions about CoffeeCup Software. With users from all walks of life and a wealth of knowledge and information, we think our forums are one of the best web design communities out there — and they're really fun, too!

These forums are designed as a way of communicating with other members and the CoffeeCup staff. It is not the primary location for technical support. Responses in the forums are handled not only by the CoffeeCup Software team, but by users like you who just like to help out. (Do we have the greatest users or what?) Although we do monitor these forums, please open a support ticket for any tech support requests. To do so, log into your CoffeeCup account, go to your support room, and click the Open New Topic button.

The CoffeeCup forums are for the use of all CoffeeCup members. You are our guests. We do our best to try to keep the forums presentable and will delete any messages we deem inappropriate without warning.

We ask members to abide by the following rules so that the forums can be a positive experience for all members. Posts that are in violation of this policy may be removed and the member may be suspended without warning.

1. Keep your messages clean - Do not start threads or post messages that contain offensive language.

2. Respect other members - Don't be a bully. Be nice to others. Remember what your mother told you: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

3. Privacy - Do not post contact details of others.

4. Disputes - CoffeeCup will not get involved in any disputes between participants in the forum. Any disputes in a thread may result in the whole thread being deleted.

5. No cross posting or multiple posting - Post your message once in the appropriate forum. All duplicate posts across multiple forums will be removed without notice. Do not post more than two replies to a thread in a row unless it is to clarify new information or to edit a previous post that needed corrections. All other multiple postings that don't contain new information will be considered unnecessary post bumping and will be removed without notice. Posting many times in a row without real content reduces the quality of the forums and is a waste of resources and readers' valuable time.

6. No thread "bumping" - Do not post in a thread with the intention of purposely moving it up the list unless at least 3 days have passed since the original post. Please allow people time to read your post and work out responses to you. Keep in mind that not everyone will post an "I'm checking into it and will post later" post. Rather they will work it out first and answer later. If you feel your question needs support and is not simply a suggestion), please submit a support ticket to make sure the staff of CoffeeCup are aware of the issue.

7. No defamation - Do not post any messages that slander, insult, or defame CoffeeCup, its representatives, or individual members.

8. Adult content - Do not post pornographic or adult content. Do not include pornographic or adult content in your posts, avatars or signatures. Keep in mind that although there are many users that have no issues with this, the majority will. Additionally, some of our users may be under the age of 18, and this type of content is inappropriate for minors. Remember, we have a wide range of people of all ages visiting our site. Try to keep your content acceptable for all audiences.

9. The following are examples of violations that may result in us warning or suspending a member and removing the post.

a. Any thread or reply that can be considered abusive, argumentative, harassing, hateful, hostile, hurtful, obscene, racist, sexist, obscene, threatening, or vulgar.

b. Baiting other members into a negative reaction is not acceptable. If multiple parties engage in such activities, regardless of who started it, both parties' accounts may be terminated or temporarily suspended.

c. Any behavior deemed unwelcome or unacceptable.

d. Over-posting (threads or replies) or spamming the forum with blatant advertising or repeated posts.

e. Posting material that may be damaging to CoffeeCup.

f. Impersonating other members or CoffeeCup staff or representatives, including forum moderators.

g. Posting material that in any way violates the Website Terms of Use.

h. Posting private e-mail or message content.

i. Reposting deleted posts or discussing deleted posts. If you feel a post has been deleted inappropriately or that your issue needs attention regardless of the post removal, please put in a support ticket to have your issue looked into.

10. Freedom of Speech - Naturally, we're all for it, but in the interest of keeping our forum a pleasant place for everyone who visits we have a few limitations. Everyone is entitled to post their views in the context of the forum subject matter. What isn't permitted is abusive, objectionable, or offensive posts.

By using the CoffeeCup forums you agree and acknowledge that any information or material you submit to the forum will be treated by CoffeeCup as non-confidential and non-proprietary and we may use such material without restriction. When you submit material to the forum, you license us to reproduce such material. Don't plagiarize, but sharing relevant useful information — whether by linking to it or copy/pasting it into a post and letting us know where you got it — is just fine.

Members that violate the forum rules may be suspended from using the forums. We reserve the right to remove any post or suspend a member without notice. Members may be suspended for a given time frame or indefinitely. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun place for all users to collaborate and learn from one another. Petty bickering, pestering, complaining, whining, and any other annoying behavior have no place here. ;)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personal site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)

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