First item one cost, rest cheaper - how?

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Good morning folks
My situation is that the cost for the first product item is £2.50, but for every subsequent purchase of that specific product it is £1.50.
Is there a good way of doing this?
The two ways I have tried so far are:
1. Have two product items, one at £2.50 and one at £1.50 and tell the customer to use the second as well when they need more than one
2. Have a drop down option for quantity instead and add £1.50 for the second, £3.00 for the third, etc.

Now the first option requires a lot from the customer and in the cart, you can delete the first item and leave the rest at the cheaper rate - not really good.
The second option means the 'official' quantity remains at '1' regardless of number ordered, adding to confusion especially in the cart. In addition, I can't add a per-product shipping cost as it doesn't actually work in quantities anymore (does that make sense?!)

There must be a better way...?! (He says optimistically!)

Many thanks
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Hiya Stephen,

The cart software does not have anything built in to do what you're wanting it to do unfortunately. We are hoping that a future update will add that and much more, but right now the only thing you can do is either create bundles (easiest way to do it) or not have that price breakdown at all. If you want to create bundles it's easy to do.
    1. Create the product you want to have bundled.
    2. For the product you want to include X number of items instead of just one.
    3. The quantity will still be one, but when you get the email it will say whatever you told it to say for the name of the product and you'll get the item number etc. This will tell you if they ordered 1 or a bundle.
    4. Create as many bundles as you like so you can include a bundle for 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. products.
    5. Adjust your price to be a sum of all the products where the first one is X and the rest are Y prices all added together.
    6. The customer will know they are getting a bargain just from the price of the single item product so it works well.
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I posted this a couple days ago in my "Your Support Room" which then showed up in another thread so not sure anyone has read. Grateful for any help. I just bought CC Creator.
1. I want to sell each product in Category ABC at $6 UNLESS customer orders 10 or more.
2. If customer orders 10 or more in Category ABC, they get each at $2.46 (e.g., if 10, then $24.60 total).
So here's what I think is right:
3. I set Category ABC to "USE RANGE: 10-500"; "RETAIL: 6.00"; "DISCOUNT: 59%". Does that set parameter for the whole category, or do I need to set same parameters for each product in that category? I ask because I see that I can also set each "Product" the same way.
4. So, how do I do this?
Thanks again

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