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I have just done a quick test and CCSC looks like a good start but I have a short wish list. Are any of these on the short list for adoption?

1. When adding Option fields, the Thumbnail/Prieview has an Add to Cart button but no indication that there are option(s) and a user that clicks Add... first would be frustrated. A good solution would be that if an item has option field(s) then the Preview AddToCart buttion should be replaced with an Option(s) button that would be the same as clicking on the thumbnail for the detail view with options.
2. Count me in with those that want a Continue button or at least option.
3. Subscriptions would be nice.
4. I need the ability to be able to link validation code to any item and submit.
5. I like the +/- pricing idea that someone else suggested as an option price modifier.
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Personally I don't want a contiue shopping option. I'd MUCH rather let the customer hit the add to cart button, have their total to date update on the screen (preferably in the lower right hand corner) and just let them keep shopping. When they're ready to check out they can make any changes they want.

I'd rather have them go hog wild and buy 20 things then remove 3 of them than have them buy 5 and decide they're tired of all the bouncing back and forth and just check out.
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As I see it now. Each time they add a product it not only adds the product it also goes to the shopping cart.

Personally I'd rather it not go to the cart each time, but allow them to continue shopping. IF they go to the cart by pressing "View Cart" to check a price or quantity or to delete an item i'd like to see a continue shopping button alongside the proceed to checkout button.

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