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My question relates to a website that a customer of mine has been waiting for e-commerce for nearly 2 years, and relates to weights, measures and auto pricing.
I have bought SCC and SCdesigner pro and was hoping that SCC Pro would have funcionality to finally do it.
The customer owns a Butcher/Deli store and just about everything is sold by weight, so in a selection box for say rump steak, a customer might enter 1.5 (the weight per kilo has been set up already) and SCC would need to check it's weight per kilo setting and workout the price for 1.5 kilo and transfer that to the checkout for the item rump steak
As far as I know you can only select a pre-difined figure i.e. 1 or 5 or 3 etc., and there is no way for a customer to type the percentage of a kilo for the product.

So if the icon showing rump steak had a price of $11.79 per kilo and a customer wanted 2.3Kg they wouldn't be able to type in 2.3 and go to the checkout and see they had bought 2.3Kg of rump steak and the price would be $27.11

This customer is in Melbourne, Australia and wants to reach regular and new customers in the greater Melbourne area. He also has delivery services and needs to expand but I have to keep telling him no, not at this time.

I had hoped that the Pro version of Shopping Cart Creator would have this sort of functionality, and maybe it does and I just don't know about it, but at the moment, unless it does, I don't think SCC Pro is worth buying for my needs.

This is the only customer that I purchased SCC and SCD Pro for and the only thing I have been able to do for him is use SCD Pro to change rigid layouts and colours in SSC to match his original website.

Your HTML Editor software is great though :)

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hiya Roger,

I am pretty sure you can do what you need with the SCC Pro version. The weight system may not allow you to put in customer input for weights they want, but you can setup multiple Optional menus that allow you to put in dropdowns with as many weight/price combos for a product as you need. I can see no reason why this option wouldn't fullfil the needs of that customer with the butcher/deli store.

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