Which files need transferring?

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When designing a cart for someone else, which files and folders do we need to give to them? I'm guessing the theme file goes in My Themes in the SCC file folder. Is there anything that goes elsewhere?

Also if we do some of the customisation for them in Shopping Cart Creator which files will they need and where do they put them? Is it just in a folder of their choosing?
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Hiya tassie,

For the SCC you need to give them the file that you save when you save the shop and the folder that goes with it. The file will end in the extension .scc and the folder will have the name of the shop on it and end with _files, the folder resides in the same location as the .scc file does where you should even see a folder for the autosave, but you shouldn't need that one as long as you give them the most recent save of the .scc file it should be good to go. I'm not sure if you need the theme or not but it can't hurt.

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