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I have been using VSD the s-drive for my uploads, should i be able to seemy site if i us www.jandekoi.coffeecup.com or is it only with http://jandekoi.coffeecup.com ?
I get 'THERE'S NOTHING HERE YET.' when using the WWW. address.
I have spent so much time now with trying to learn the basics that i think i'm getting overloaded.
Never thought i'd get this far !!

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You'll use http.... for your address unless you set up your own domain name for your S-Drive site.
Example: www.jandekoi dot com rather than http://jandekoi.coffeecup dot com
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I no, i should have realised, what a numpty!!
need a break, more i'm lookin at it the less i'm seeing

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