Four quick S-Drive questions

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I've been using Site Designer and most of the other CC software and hosting elsewhere. It just hit me that for $25 a month I could host up to 20 websites on S-Drive Total Pro plan. So I'm thinking about migrating some sites over and using it to host more. I have 4 questions first:

1) If I want more than 20 sites can I just get set up on an additional Total Pro plan? Even if I have to create a new account with a new email address and get billed separately for the 2nd account?

2) Is this shared hosting that includes other sites that aren't mine? i.e. - will the IP address of my sites also be the IP of some sites that aren't mine?

3) Will I be able to create domain email addresses with this hosting? i.e -

4) If so, will emails sent from these addresses be constantly blocked by yahoo, sbcglobal, comcast and others?

With the hosting I have now (homepageuniverse) I was on shared hosting and my emails to my clients were always getting blocked or rejected. So I upgraded to my own IP address and it didn't seem to help much. I don't know if this is because HomePageUniverse somehow has a bad reputation or is just not known enough. Or if it's simply that my site is, and will always be, targeted to locals and will never be known enough for the big email companies to recognize me and feel safe about me.
They either don't like my subject lines or that I send links in my emails. But most all of my emails are REPLIES to emails sent to me by their customers anyway. But they block me and I have to end up sending the emails from my personal email account.

I'm trying to get away from this problem and from sending from my personal account because that is unprofessional. So I would really like to hear that S-Drive sites have zero problems in this regard. Thanks for any input!
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The best thing to do is open a support ticket so you get the info directly from CC staff.
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