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I think this is a bug. In a form list, if no records are checked, I can still select "download all", but there is no download. I like the idea of not having to check anything if I want to download ALL. So the bug in my opinon is not the allowing of the download all function with nothing is the fact that the download does not occur.

Michael Tapes
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I was wondering the exact same thing. Why have both Download and Download All in the list, if they both require checking boxes to make a download happen. Also, what happens if I have 101 entries and can't display them all and put a check next to them for downloading? Does number 101 not get included in the download? I haven't had a form with that many entries yet. I'm curious.

Dave Fisher
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Hey guys,

Sorry for not catching this one earlier. Yes, this is definitely not working they way it should be. I will get this over to our developers to tweak this for the next update.

As to your other question Dave, I would say it should include all 101 entries for the download all. I will make sure to mention that too.
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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that we just pushed an update to the Forms tab that should allow you to download all records from a form using "Download All" without selecting any records. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

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