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So I'm new to this S-Drive thing, and I usually only build web sites for other people, but this is going to be MY web site and I want to do a few subdomains for my various hobbies/interests. I found a page describing how to do SOMETHING related to subdomains and have completely lost it.

Is this even possible? I mean, the difference between and is not THAT big a deal but I'd PREFER to set up subdomains... ANYWAY.

If someone has a link to the page that details how to do this through S-Drive (got my domain through CC too) I'd be a happy Sam.

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Hey Sam

For that, you would simply create a folder under for each site and then you would access them via

The big "however" is if you want to publish with the Editor or VSD to S-Drive, then you need to make an address for each site and that would require something like
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I'm going to be upgrading from the free to the full version of the Editor sometime before the end of the month, so I'll probably want to publish from there.

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