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Hi everyone!

I'm sorry if there is already a thread about this. I've searched all morning and have learned a lot, but have not found the answer to this specific question.

I am redesigning a website for an organization. The domain name has been purchased and is currently being used, using another provider/host (go daddy).

The new site is not ready to launch yet, but certain programs are telling me I need to set up and save my files to the S-drive before I can import them to the visual site designer. (Specifically I currently trying to import a form I created in Web Form Builder).

So, to my question.....can I still have an S-Drive account if I am going to have the site hosted elsewhere? And if so, how would I go about it? Do I have to create a s-drive account?

Thank you so much for any and all help you can provide!
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Hiya Melissa,

First let me say that you cannot "import" things like pages and such to VSD so I'm going to assume you are meaning you are adding things like Forms and such to VSD which is good then.

As for the S-Drive, I'll assume you're trying to export a form and you're hitting the Publish button (CC really needs to do something about this so people know what's what there). So to export it you go to the File menu at the top and choose Export and then choose Manual Server Setup and the program will tell you the rest of what you need to do from there. Don't forget to upload the files. :)

So the main thing is no, you don't need an S-Drive account for anything to host on your own server, that's only if you're trying to "publish" which is not what you're wanting or needing to do. I'll wager that's the same issue with any other software that's telling you you need an S-Drive account. Hope that helps. :)

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