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Hello CoffeeCup Wizards
I have created 4 different buttons using Button Builder for use on a Donations page each with a different method of donating. - 4 different button folders and 4 different buttons
I am using HTML Editor to create the website using a template I created with Responsive Layout Pro (
When I add the 2nd button (GivenGain) it appears identical to the first button (Click here to donate)... not what I had in mind.... I haven't tried the other two (DirectDeposit and DebitOrder) yet. I have not uploaded the webpage anywhere.
I have both button folders in the same directory as the webpage.
I have copied the text from each button between the <head> and </head> tags
I have copied the other text from each button onto the page where I want the button to appear.

Do I make changes to my RLM template? Do I make changes to the Button folders?

I hope I am giving you enough information to understand where I am at.
What am I doing wrong?
How do I ensure that all the buttons appear on the same webpage?
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Here's a couple of suggestions. Add a Selector ID and class for each button. Make sure the ID and class are different for each button. When you export the buttons, make sure you use the button code that the software gives you.

If you want an example, go to There are 3 button builder buttons in the footer (social media icons). Each one is in its own container. Each one has a separate link to its css file in the <head>.
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Thanks Brian.
Ensuring that each button had its own ID and Class solved my issue.:)

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