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Hello !

I have some problems with french accents. When I work on my RLM file, add french text with accents in a text or paragraph field, this does not show correctly when my site is published, even in my menu (I use menu builder for that) it's the same thing happening...
When we look at the page source code, in the head section, it is clearly set to "<meta charset="utf-8">". Even so, this is not working.
Where is the problem ? It happens for all the browsers, at least for all those I have done a check...
If I have something to do precisely in a particular program to make it work, please tell me.

Please, have a look to the following site:

I thank you very much for any kind of valuable advice regarding that problem.

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While my French is a little rusty, I translated a page and tested it out here and all the French accents show just fine for me. also works fine in Menu Builder as well.
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Scott, what a nice French! :) Did you write this directly into the programme, or did you translate the text in some other software and copy/paste it into RLM? Maybe there is a difference there?

I haven't actually tried RLM with any of 'my' languages yet.
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Hi Nico

I doubt RLM and/or Menu Builder have something to do with your problem since I have made several sites in both French and German and all accents and umlauts are displayed properly in all browsers.

If I look at the html file on your server I see no characters with accents.

<li id="menu_8" class="menu_8 menu_items">
<a href="#">
<span class="icon_menu_handle"></span>
<span class="text_menu_link">Libération des croyances</span>
<li id="menu_9" class="menu_9 menu_items">
<a href="#">
<span class="icon_menu_handle"></span>
<span class="text_menu_link">Bols tibétains</span>

Therefore, I suggest you have a look at the html file which is exported by RLM. Does it show the characters with the accents ?

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