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in advance, forgive me for my poor vocabulary in english, it's complicate for me to explain my problem, i try and i hope you understand my said:

i have a list of 5 email adress for testing, i send my email frechsly create directely from REDB connected to my gmail account (all my images are hosting in my personnal website)....but, each receiver can read all other email adress (each one receive my newsletter can see all the rest of the list "email and name")

What i make wrong ?, how i can send email to my list without each one see the email adress of other ?
have you got a tips and trick for me about that ?

of course, i have already read all the manual online, but i doesn't find

Thank you ;)

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Yes, that is correct. In RED you are using CC (carbon copy). If you do not want others to see all the email addresses, you need to use a mailing service like MailChimp or Mandrill or export and send your email with an email client.
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I understand, it's clear

Thank you very much for your help ;)
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Can't Red be changed to use Blind Carbon Copying instead of Carbon Copying? That would solve that problem, unless there is another reason for using CC...or have both as an option.

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