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I've read all the comments/post about RCS and from what I've seen, It needs a lot of work. I downloaded the trial right after I purchased RSD but I have NOT installed it yet. To build the RSD I wish, I will need to use some sort of slider that I can configure to pull a limited # of images (3-5) from a file contained in one of my software image directories. This will be js/db driven to limit the # of images that are pulled in for display. Ie. it will pull in the primary (1st) image of the latest 4 or 5 listings, 123a.jpg, 124a.jpg, etc. I also have capabilities to dynamically add year, make, model, price to the overlay which are pulled from db for each image. Just want to 'Swap' images (4 or 5) that can include the year, make, model, price overlay. Is this possible using RCS and applying code as needed?

From what I've read here so far, this program is a mess with NO support and very limited 'How To' documentation. The 'Learning Curve' is worse than RSD. Maybe I should use another slider instead of this? If I install the trial to test, my understanding is that it has limited days like 7 or so (can't remember exactly but it's short). Not a lot of time to learn a program that even seasoned users apparently can't figure out. Heck, I've had the full V of RSD for over a month and I'm still learning new things and tricks about it! I'll admit that I'm 'Old School' and understanding the full capabilities of css3 and html5 is a learning experience. Not hard but still takes some time.

Could someone post some 'Recent' examples of how they have used this software within RSD?
I wish to show clickable multiple images and have them each direct to the vehicle listing if selected. Also need a way for visitor to stop the slide to allow time to look and click image then continue if wanted.

Can I accomplish this with RCS?
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Just a couple of questions...
Are your file image names going to change from week to week as you would have to update the links in RCS? (If not then RCS would just be reloading new images using the same file name). No editing required.

You mention adding overlay information. Is this in image form ? (Use 2 images per slide or a link button to another slide with overlay and back again to the main slides.)

There are buttons for pause and play so a user can control the process.

I think its a pretty powerful slider program once you get past "the learning curve". I like the fact I can have a slideshow ready to copy and paste into RSD without having to hard code with some of the other sliders I have seen.

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