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maybe someone has experienced the same with RCS already and can help.
I have create some sliders with RCS and everything seems to work fine.
However it takes 4-5 seconds before the slide appears and the animation kicks in on initial load.
I don't understand where this timeout is coming from and why the first slide of the show take so long to start animating thing. The second slide of this show does appear right after the first one has gone without any delay. It is just an exact copy of the first one.
I have set the delay of the slide to zero already and the delay of the slideshow as well to zero.
Further I have given the slideshow a background color and this appear immediately whilst it takes 4-5 seconds before the slide animates in. Even if I don't animate the slide in it takes this time.
Any idea what to check?
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Do you have very large image files in the slide show? I haven't used RCS much, but file size is important everywhere else on the web, loading time wise. If you need large dimensions, maybe you can minify the image files resolution- and pixelwise. There are such services online, or you can get hold of CC's Website Insight.
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Hi Benjamin,
I agree with Inger. Can you share a link?;)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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Good Morning,

this has nothing to do with big images or so. I find out that if you change the animate out time of a slide in RCS to a higher value that this also impact the time when the slideslow is going to start. If you set the animate out time of a slide to a lower value the slideshow is appearing much faster.
I raised this already with Coffeecup support.
Here are two simple examples of this behaviour. (Delayed appearing of first slide) (Non delayed appearing of first slide)

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