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How do you import lockbox data from another computer? Data is now on usb but I don't see away of importing into program
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Just copy the .PWK file from your old computer to the new one and you will be all set. The PWK file is located in C:\Program Files\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup Lockbox
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My information is in a: pw1 "archive from values separeted by commas from Microsoft Office Excell" (2007).
How can I import to LockBox?

Thank you. Alberto
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Hi Scott,

Hope you can help me ASAP! My laptop died but i was able to recover my .pwk file. When I copy the file to the directory my new Lenovo placed Coffeecup Lockbox in (C:\Program Files(x86)\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup Lockbox Lockbox opens and a message displays that asks me if I would like to import the .PWK file. I answer YES, the file appears to import, but nothing is there when I open Lockbox except the 2 or 3 Coffeecup websites & forum that come with Password Keeper. I have tried this over and over to no avail.

I should mention this as well: Back around 2006, I received Lockbox as a free promo with one or more other CoffeeCup programs that I purchased and downloaded. I was a bit puzzled why this does not appear in my Member Downloads area on Anyway, I recovered my old file, installed it and successfully imported the .PWK file into it. For the last few days this was working fine. Then today, I went to look up a password and, although i could see all my websites and applications in Lockbox, when I clicked on any given entry, Lockbox displayed an error message that some sort of file was missing. I can't find my note as to what it was except that I think it had a 2-digit number. I then closed and reopened Lockbox and this time all my entries had turned into gibberish (computer symbols, etc.).

Not knowing what else to do, I deleted that installation and bought Lockbox and downloaded it from (even though I owned a licensed copy). It installed perfectly but to the path stated above. Then I copied the .pwk file and ran into the problem described above: i.e. Lockbox displays the file name then asks me if I want to import it, appears to import it, but then none of the password data appears in Lockbox when it opens. The file as 1.00 MB of data showing in file size. Just in case that file has somehow become corrupted, I then tried importing different copies of earlier .pwk copies I had saved. They each show close to this file size so there is data there.

I got the same result each time. What can I do? HELP!! I really am lost without my passwords!

I will also submit this as a Support request in case you don't view this page often.

Thank you!!
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Hiya Tommi,

I can't answer the Lockbox issue problem, but as for the reason that Lockbox wasn't showing in your program downloads for CC is because it was a promotional gift. Years ago CC used to do a lot of promos with free software, but it's not a license to the software you are actually getting, it's a full copy of the current version at that time which is not upgradeable unless you purchase the licensed copy of it. This is what I was told quite a few years ago when I asked the same question and I'll assume the answer is the same unless someone tells us different :P Good luck on the actual issue you are having.
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Scott Swedorski wrote:
Just copy the .PWK file from your old computer to the new one and you will be all set. The PWK file is located in C:\Program Files\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup Lockbox

This didn't work for me...any other way to import the backed up data ?

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Hiya Jacqui,

What part didn't work for you? Can't find the file? File is found but doesn't work?
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I'm wondering if since you can copy the .PWK from one Lockbox location to another and then open it to cause an import prompt, what other password file formats can you use?

I use Password Safe and RoboForm both for various website information, would like to combine them both in to a single lockbox application for centralization. The Password Safe program will export into a plain text (tab delimited) file and .xml files, but RoboForm will only convert to html or internet explorer favorites.

Which is going to be my best option for import into Lockbox or is this even possible?

Steven G
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Not possible that I have learned, the pwk file is propriatary and encrypted, I believe that CC gurus can't even crack into the pwk file if you forget your file password.

<subtle>It would be nice of we can import csv files and then store the whole thing online in our s-drives.</subtle>


Volunteering to help :)
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How do I import a CSV file, this is what the first 4 rows look like;
1 5 CoffeeCup Website YourUserName YourPassword CoffeeCup Software This is a sample entry note.
2 4 CoffeeCup Forums CoffeeCup Software This is a sample entry note.
3 5 CoffeeCup Submitfire CoffeeCup Software This is a sample entry note.
4 3 Worldwise tinae tina1964 U.N. 83345

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