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The latest deal on Image Mapper is great. Wish I had waited instead of buying it at full price like most of my CC's software.

I have some suggestions for IM:

1) Get it to write proper HTML code...

a) image tag has "usemap" and "border" attributes in uppercase.
b) "border" is not needed since "width/height" are also not needed.
c) "map" and "area" tags use name="" attribute. Need to use id="" instead. Also, when typing in what will go in the id="", make sure it types compound words as ONE word. Compound worder IDs get flagged.
d) "area shape" tag does not need target="" attribute, but does need to have alt="" added to tag. Think the "area" tags also need the alt="" attribute.
e) The "OnMouseOver" and "OnMouseOut" do not to be in caps.

I realize all this can be corrected with find/replace, but why not have correct in the first place? Some depend on the doctype used, but if it would code the html/attributes in lowercase, it shouldn't matter.

2) Would be nice if all CC software would remember the last directory used. Especially after just a close/open. Navigating in some directory structures can be extensive depending on project size.

3) Allow arrow keys to position selected target area instead of depending on mouse cursor's dragging it into place. Small circles (radio buttons?) are hard to grab and move.

4) Add use of standard keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + z (Undo) wasn't even working on mine.

Just a few I've come across. Bought Stylesheet Maker on sale, but this software is way outdated coding wise. Still working on what is wrong with it. :P
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Sorry, I could have sworn I posted this in the Image Mapper forum -- that's where I intended this to go [I did get an email alert that my post had been moved. If so, that was a miscalculation on someone's part, because, I was referring to the Image Mapper tool].

2. Ability to use arrow keys to nudge the shapes into place.
I select an object and use arrow keys to move it around all the time.

Nope, doesn't work on the Image Mapper tool. Hitting the arrow key either does nothing, or it, apparently, moves to the next tag, or opens the preview pane.

3. Something like Ctrl-Drag to copy a shape. I.e. I would be able to hold down the Ctrl key (or Alt key) and click on a shape and drag it, and the original shape would remain in place and I would be dragging a new shape. Another grand time saver!!
I select an object and hit CTRL+C to copy, then CTRL+V to create a duplicate. You can hold down SHIFT and click on an item to tag multiple items for copying. Works great for copying shapes or any other object.

Yes, Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V does work, but a shift+click+drag is even faster (but, minor improvement) -- just that when in production, I like to work as fast as possible.

Also, in Image Mapper I have found no way to select multiple shapes, not even with Shift+Click.

Also, the Help document has nothing (that I can find) about the use of Shift or Ctrl or Alt to modify anything regarding shapes [BTW: I call them "shapes" because that's the attribute name in the HTML "area" element].
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Apparent bug [in the Image Mapper tool]: Sometimes when I click to drag a "shape" [e.g. a rectangle or circle or polygon, etc.], it doesn't always move. It's like I have to click in just the right place or it doesn't actually select.

Often I have to click and attempt to drag MANY, MANY times before it will drag!! And sometimes, it seems like no matter what I do, it will NOT drag, WHAT-SO-EVER!!!. Really frustrating!

Also, not sure but it seems worse on my non-primary monitor. Also, the more I click and drag, the worse the problem seems to get -- that is all subjective, though.

And, yes, I DO have the Selection Arrow selected!

Also, even if I do click in the right place, if I drag too fast and my mouse pointer moves outside the region of the image, the dragging stops [i.e. the shape doesn't move all the way to the edge, it just stops wherever it is when the mouse pointer leaves the region of the image [being mapped]. That's a minor detail, though.

Running on Desktop PC with Win 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1, AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core 2.4GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS, 4Gig of RAM, dual monitor.

I tried running it in "Win 7" and "Win XP" compatibility mode -- no difference. Often, when I install Coffee CUp software on my Desktop PC, run the thing and then close it, a message pops up saying the it may have not installed correctly, and do I want to install it again with whatever settings Win 7 thinks should be used, and I click "Yes" (what the hell!) so it reinstalls [after that, Windows no longer complains] -- perhaps THAT has something to do with this ?!?
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Is there an update in the works to make Image Mapper responsive? since the links are actual position, as the image scales, the links do not, or if they do, I don't know how to do it.
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Geotex wrote:
Is there an update in the works to make Image Mapper responsive? since the links are actual position, as the image scales, the links do not, or if they do, I don't know how to do it.

We have instructions here at … esponsive/ on how to set that up.
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Image Mapper is great. I have now been using it for a few weeks. Here are some tweaks that could make it that much better. I have duplicated the suggestions of others that I also agree with:

1. Remembering last folder visited;(No more clicking through folders to find file.)

2. Circular tool needs more markers so you can edit the circle shape if the area is slightly irregular

3. Ability to use arrow keys to nudge the shapes into place

4. Ability to hide previous mapping markers/paths. Often these markers/paths mask detail that subsequent paths are trying to use.

5. Zoom in increments. The final zoom also needs to be a lot closer.

Thanks for a good product

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Suggestion - to make the maps truly responsive, you might want to add an option to map as links with percentages instead of image maps. It works very well with RSD. You just need to put the image and the links in a properly formatted div, with z-index on the links higher than the images.

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