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Alan Chate wrote:
Hi Jerry,

That could be the problem. Is the Code List you refer to a Coffee Cup config item?

Thanks Alan

Bar on the left side, click code tab, at the top if you click on the right most blue button it switches to HTML5 witch has footer etc, otherwise the defaults HTML or HTML4 do not have footer etc.
Worth a shot to see if the top option makes a difference....

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I am running 14.0 Build 722 and the HTML5 list includes Section Header and Footer.
Created a standard CC HTML page and inserted the section tags as shown and code cleaner does nothing.
Removing the section tags and moving the <body> tag to an indented position then running code cleaner moves and positions <body> as expected.


Thought maybe code cleaner is still using HTML 4 tag references even though document has HTML5 DOCTYPE. Tried changing the HTML4 tag file for its HTML5 equivalent and that also made no difference.

Thanks for the suggestion however problem persists. Have learnt a bit more about CC as part of this though so thanks for that.
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Just tried running code cleaner on a CSS file after selecting the CSS3 tab on the Code list and it formatted it into a mass block so appears it is not linked to the tag files.
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I have previously used Expression Web, and am new to html editor, so perhaps I am missing something, but I really miss not having a pane listing the CSS which is linked to the page I am working on, with the ability to modify a specific style (or copy it) and to immediately view the effect of the change. How do I do that with html editor?
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SirAGE wrote:
This is being done. :D

(Ref: Your 3/2012 posting advisory to user request provided at end of this message.)

When? Where? In that you advised us of such a coming nearly two years ago I just spent/wasted significant time searching the CC site for such insightful information; to no avail.

Please, may I suggest; as an CC Advisor or any CC forum prognosticator:
  • If it has come to fruition please update your advisory with the link/location;
  • If it has not come to fruition please update your advisory as to perhaps save others from similar experience;
  • Regardless of this instance outcome; review all past published advisories and update accordingly.

This would seem like reasonable forum advisor/advisory etiquette.

Thank you.

Matt G.

Ref: Your 3/2012 posting advisory to: "It would be useful and appreciated by users and by your own development team to compile a list of suggestions that make it into features (1) for the upcoming version, and (2) for some future versions after that. Such a list would let everyone know what's coming and what's already been suggested, to avoid duplication of effort.

That, along with a note such as Done or Added to Dev List on the archived post from the users who suggested it, might simplify tracking. A note for which version in which the feature is expected might be useful there."
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TOPIC: Auto Tag Start/End Matching.
(Note: Just purchased "The Super Pack" yesterday. Great value; Thanks.)

In using the CC HTML Editor I quickly realized that is lacked "Auto Tag Start/End Matching", an arguably rudimentary and largely essential HTML editor function for contemporary web page editing, which has been widely available in free HTML editors for years. (See attached image for visual example of functionality in use.)

In researching the CC support forums I noted two interesting things:
  • This rather common functionality was requested the first day that the CC HTML Editor "Suggestions" Thread was started in August 2009.
  • Since that post 4+ years ago, this functionality appears to be the most requested HTML Editor enhancement.

Before I make further time investment in learning/using the CC HTML Editor; when might one expect to see this basic functionality in the product?

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Inger wrote:
When clicking on a start tag, let is highlight the corresponding end tag. Or even if you are working somewhere within say <table></table> those tags should be highlighted.

+1 on this too. This would be VERY useful! Especially if end } curly braces were highlighted, it would make scanning through IF{ .. } logic much simpler when there are multiple logic blocks going on!
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I'd like to suggest a new FTP upload shortcut other than the F4 one.

F4 uploads the selected file from the side bar, but the selected file isn't always necessarily the file you are currently working on and need to upload and test - so a shortcut to upload the current file/active tab would be grand. This would speed up workflow massively as often I'm working on multiple PHP and HTML files simultaneously and it's always a break in the flow to have to scroll through various folders and files in the tree structure to select a file, or group of files, to upload.

It'd be a nice feature to have as just quickly pressing F4 to upload is nice and easy, but would be much better to have another simple shortcut which uploads the current active tab/file too.

Although, I did notice you can right click on the page you're working on and select "Upload to Server" and the dialogue box shows it's uploading the current file you're on, yet when I refresh the page I see no changes unless I re-upload it using F4! So maybe the only thing close to this suggestion is bugged?
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When dragging an image file into a css document it would be great if it just outputted the path rather than the unnecessary <img> tag.

When writing css I'm getting wound up by the way auto-indent doesn't return me to to the start of a line after I close a bracket. Unless I backspace, my css rules slowly stair-step across the page as each new rule starts one space further to the right.

Also, as per the previous commenter, I really dislike the way F4 uploads the selected file rather than the active file. After moving across from DW I've been using your software for 8hrs a day for the last two weeks and still find myself uploading the wrong file.

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