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I have more than 250,000 files in my website project. So if I use the 'Check Website Project Dependencies' option, the process takes a long time and eventually gives up with an 'out of memory' error. Is there a way to restrict or filter what folders are included in the search? Or is there a way to exclude folders from the project altogether?
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That is a lot of files! :)

The Editor and Website Projects is not really setup for such a large directory structure. If you have that many files, I recommend not using Website Projects but instead just upload files as needed individually.
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I've completed my website and when I check website project dependencies, I get a lot of items that say "Missing Local File" in the left column next to the Website Project File.
My original pages are in a folder on my desktop. When I created the new project, I entered the name of that file in "Website Project Location." When I open the project, the tab at the top says "Local Disk."

I don't understand why it's telling me that these are missing local files. Help! How do I fix this? I really need to get this site uploaded!

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Hi Judy :)
Not sure if I can help, but it's kind of quiet around here – didn't want you to go all weekend without response!

If everything is in the right place, you'll see those files listed in the left panel of the HTML Editor. Here's an example:
This site is a work in progress, so I've got gobs of files; when it's ready to go, unnecessary files will be removed. But until then – everything is kept together in the project folder. I do organize it with separate folders for images, css, etc.

First thing, go to your project folder (on your desktop) and see what's there. If the missing files aren't there, grab them from where ever else they are and add them to the folder. They should then appear in the Editor panel.

Next, check your files and folders within the project folder – is everything where it needs to be?
If you've moved files, change your HTML to reflect that. In my example, I moved some photos from the images folder into a new folder (prints). If I didn't update the HTML, the Editor wouldn't find those files.
(<img src="images/portrait.png"... needed to become <img src="prints/portrait.png"...)

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