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Ok, today I purchased the Developer Pack. I'm all excited. :)

I want to design a really great site for
, better than I could do with VSD.

I have some experience in the past, using Hotdog Webmaster 6 to design really simple sites for myself, before getting VSD, but HTML Editor can do SO MUCH MORE. It's a little mind boggling. :)

But out of the whole Developer Pack so far, I started by downloading HTML Editor because kind of like Alice said in Wonderland, it seems like the place to start.

I just need to get my site redesigned and uploaded again ASAP.

I'm leaving the old site design there for now and am using a test directory to do my playing with my new HTML Editor.

But people have helped me identify some major changes that I need, both in basic site design so it appeals more to clients, and for SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

In short, my old site is a mess and needs a complete overhaul.

So the first thing is, where's the F1 key help file? I don't see it in the program. I was trying to find out how to set my page width for the design, in pixels.

I see there's online help, but couldn't find anything about page width or page setup there.

But can I install a Help file that works with the F1 key, like other standard Windows XP programs do?
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I too have the HTML Editor and am able to press the F1 key to have the help dialogue appear. Are you using the latest version? (I'm using HTML Editor 2008). If not, uninstall that one and re-download the newer one to install it.

What I might suggest with setting width within your page, is to set table width to the size you want. I'm not much of a "design wiz", but try to help when I can. Hope it helps!

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The F1 key works great with the html editor 2008. That could be a slogan :)

There is a bigger learning curve with the HTML editor compared to VSD. I know you want your site up asap, but pace yourself. Have a look at the source code of other web pages that you like, and check out some free tutorials on html and web design. Just google "html tutorial" and you will find lots of resources to help you get started.

Best of luck on the new project.
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One of the best resources I've seen for HTML, to save you (or at least lessen the burden of) a Google Search, is W3Schools. Huuuge repository of information, and organized pretty well to boot-- it helped me out a bunch while I was learning HTML.

And hey, if you did buy the Developer Pack, then you've got access to the 2008 Pre-Release. It's really a step up from 2007, and we love any feedback we get from our users about how we can fix it up before release, so think about grabbing a copy and giving it a test drive! :)
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Thanks! :)
Melissa Rhiannon
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