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When I want to test the HTML page with the default browser, I click Tools and then select "Test with default browser". However, the browser used to text the HTML page is not my default browser. My default browser is IE 10, and the browser actually used for the test is Chrome. How do I change this so when I select "Test with default browser", your software will use IE 10 and not Chrome. When I check my OS setting, it says that IE 10 is my default browser. I never made any change to choose Chrome as my default browser. In fact when I bring up Chrome, it tells me it is not my default browser. I am enjoying your software. Thanks for your help. John Cordero in Las Vegas.
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Set the default browser in the HTML Editor settings. Then it will choose that default browser.
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Or right'click on a html file (when it is on your desktop or in a folder), choose properties and change the file association where it says 'Open with' to your default browser.
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When viewing any html file with coffeecup html by selecting view with default browser, it always uses Opera. IE is my default browser. I have check settings in both browsers to make sure. I see no way of making IE the default browser within CoffeeCup HTML v12.9 b714.
I reinstalled Opera 2 days ago and made sure IE was set to default after install.
BTW if I check properties on any html file saved, it says IE is default and if I double click the said html file, it opens in IE. Just wont with coffeecup.
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Here is proof Opera isn't default
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What icon do html files have when you browse your files with file explorer?
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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Within the Editor, set your browser choices here:
Tools > Preferences > Browser Testing
The default browser choice is a version of IE*.

When you click the Preview button, you'll see Test With Default Browser (some version of IE), followed by
Test With Chrome <<<Your chosen browsers listed under the default browser
Test With Firefox
and so on...

I have FF set as default for my computer, and I see when I click the *Test w Default, it does open in FF rather than IE. :o
I have IE11 as one of the browser choices though, so never use the default option, I just click the browser name that I want to preview with.
I would just put IE as the first of your browser choices after default. (unless someone else has a better idea :D)
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Try Eric's idea – set html files to open with IE from within the Default Programs panel.
Mine is set to open with FF, so I guess it over-rides the default in the Editor.
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Eric, the icon shows IE.
I am no newbie to computers or web designing, just cant figure out this problem LOL.
I have an extensive knowledge in this area.
And here is a screenshot of browser settings.
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Best way I have found to fix that is make one browser your new default and then switch back to th other browser and make it the default browser again. Seems you have some out of sync registry keys in your registry.
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