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As a new entrant into this wonderful world of web, I have purchased the developer suite of CC software and created some very very simple pages using Editor. I've run into a few problems which have been solved very quickly by people with infinitely greater knowledge than I.

Now I have a problem. For reasons unknown to me, the website will not display a dhtml menu in IE 6 or 7. Works brilliantly in FF. Have tested it against a couple of other PC's with the same result. It's probably a very simple thing I've overlooked, where someone with experience can email me with a simple and straight forward solution.

Site =
Works in FF
Not in IE6 or 7
Using Coffee Editor 2008 Build 225

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You may want to click on profile and change your forum name to something other than your email address. No sense in leaving it visible in a public forum for spammers to collect.

This is not actually a first, but usually the menu will work in IE but not in firefox. :)

There are a number of things you should do to get your code to work with all browsers.

At the top of your page, you have a noscript line and another line stating that the remainder of the body goes below this line. This is something like what is at the bottom of the DHTML menu code, and likely belongs below the menu code.

Concerning the menu code, it should be in the body of the web page code. I would try putting it directly below the opening body tag.

I also suggest you leave the default code in place when you start a new page. That will give you a DOCTYPE statement, such as this one:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
The HTML Editor will have that on every blank page it starts. Browsers look for the doctype, and if they do not find it, the browsers will be in quirks mode and each browser treats things differently when they are in quirks mode.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the quick reply. And yes, I realised after I looked at my post that my email was brightly emblazoned for all to see. Have changed that.

Appreciate your advice. Will give it a try later this afternoon.

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