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This weekend my VPS was moved and upgraded to a new server. In the past I have either uploaded all of my files either via the HTML Editor or another program (FTP Commander)

My IP Address changed on my server with the move of the VPS and today I edited one of my pages and attempted to upload via the HTML Editor and nothing would happen. No error messages or anything (just upload box appears and nothing happens until I end the task for CC HTML Editor in Task Manager) - All login credentials are correct as I use the domain names to login (Not the IP address of the server).

I also went to try the other program I use (FTP COmmander) and same thing happened (Froze up) I was however able to get that working after I unchecked one of the choices for the site which is listed as Passive Mode.

I attempted to go in to "edit servers" and did a test connection and it says I am connected. But then if I click on folders as if I am going to add a new folder to FTP it it freezes up.

See attached screen shots


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Looks like I found the problem out...... I had to uncheck Passive Mode and it connects fine

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