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Couple of things I'd like to be able to customise, save me having to delete or edit things all the time:

Version 12.9 Build 714

1. Clicking an image file to insert it into the code
Is there anyway to change what snippet is inserted so that it show WITHOUT border="0" every time?
It's an unnecessary extra bit of code that should be handled by the CSS

2. Changing New HTML Page code
Just like to trim this down a bit really.
Remove Generator and dcterms

Put <title> as the first item after the opening HEAD where it is supposed to be - rather surprised at this error to be honest.
Add the met viewport tag too.

I know I can make a custom snippet to do this, but is there any way of editing the Default file (or changing the Default file to my version)?
I'm sure I remember being able to do this on the previous version of HTML Editor (11?)

Be great if anyone can help.
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Fixed #2 -
Edit the _Default file in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup HTML Editor\Markup\HTML5

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I know it's a picky little thing, but having to delete that border="0" on every image is annoying :P
Thanks for sharing the link for the customization. I just keep some blank page files (with preferred head info) in a folder and grab one of those when I start a project. Will have a look at changing the page settings.
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