[Topic Revisited] Moving VSD sites/files to a new computer

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So the last time I searched this topic and there was answer, it was 2008. I now have to start planning to do this very thing. Buy a laptop and move everything off of my 16 year old CPU lol

And so... because I am behind in time... I see VSD has been discontinued.

Um. What have I missed? lol ... I need to change the website too - HOWEVER - geez... I need more help than I thought. I think my job is getting in the way ;)

Help. I need step by step what I should do.

Here is the call out: there are over 100 articles (word documents) that I need to move and 'archive'. This is the biggest of my headache. If you think I need to redesign the site and get off of VSD, I can take it. Point me to the software I need to purchase or forum threads I need to read!

Here is my website: http://dozwm.net/

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I found this thread that has helped me so far: http://www.coffeecup.com/forums/designe … t-for-vsd/

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