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Due to getting a new computer i found that i need to re-enter all the Publish details for my FTP site. But, when i ran the test, I got an error "username or password not recognised by server"

By using Filezilla I can confirm that the server name, user name and password are OK since, using these, it can find my website OK so I have 100% confidence that these are OK.
The only other variables are remote folder, port and Use passive mode? I have entered 21 for port and ticked the use passive mode? which i am fairly confident was what I used before.

That only really leaves remote folder which I have as /website This agreed with what i recorded at the time in a Word reminder and also seems to agree with what I see in Filezilla though my understanding of Filezilla is pretty low

So I am now completely stuck and might have to consider using Filezilla to update my website, not a prospect that I look forward to

Any ideas?

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