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Hi ---

Another very basic (and probably stupid) question.

I've created this terrific color palette in Color Schemer, and I want to apply colors from the palette to the website I'm creating with VSD. How can I access my color palette from VSD?

I know that Color Schemer can export color palettes to be used by other programs. Do I need to export my palette in a particular format and access it using the Flash Application Tool? If so, which format should I use when exporting the color scheme? (Color Schemer offers HTML, CSS, GIF, etc).

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Does VSD have a color picker? If so, maybe you can export the palette as an image, import that into VSD, and then pick the colors from the palette image as needed.
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It does have a "pipette" but I think it only affects the color of a new object as it's created. But you can (assuming you can export the color scheme as an image, I haven't used that app yet) use that feature to make a temp object and read off the RGB values of the desired color. Every item in VSD has a selection for defining a custom color for it by entering the RGB values. Not as clean and convenient as a direct color picker but that would get the colors into the program, at least.

However you get the RGB values I think you're going to be entering them in by hand, except for the aforementioned object creator. If you're going to make a lot of shapes with color fills then you're golden.
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